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Park Ridge Soccer Club is open to anyone interested in playing competitive soccer and raising their skill level.

Tryouts for Park Ridge Soccer Club are held in late May each year.  The details for the tryouts are available under the tryouts tab.

Club soccer typically consists of ten league matches in the Fall and eight league matches in the Spring. We run two team practices a week and one All-Club practice each Friday. We also offer training and league play during the winter. 

Half of the outdoor matches are played at our fields in Park Ridge and half are played within the Chicagoland area.

PRSC also plays in two tournaments each year.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tryouts

Q: I don't live in Park Ridge, can I still play for PRS?
A: Yes. PRS can accept players from any town.

Q: What should my son/daughter wear/bring to tryouts?
A: All players must wear shin guards and soccer shoes are recommended. A water bottle labeled with players name is also a good idea. We conduct tryouts in most weather so dress your son/daughter accordingly. T-shirts will be handed out at the fields at the first day of tryouts. Your child should wear the shirt they are given, as there will be a number identifying them for our Training Staff.

Q: My son/daughter has a conflict with the tryout schedule, what should we do?
A: We ask that all players make adjustments to their schedules so that they can attend our once-a-year tryouts. We conduct tryouts during our spring soccer season and do not have the time or field space to hold makeup sessions.
If it is not possible for you to attend all or any of the tryouts scheduled for your age group, it is best that you explain the situation by emailing our Director of Coaching, Chris Caudill at:

Q: How do I know that my son/daughter is ready for travel soccer?
A: If you son/daughter has enjoyed House League and shows the desire and ability to play soccer through the fall, winter and spring he/she may be a good fit for a travel program.  New players come into our program every year and if your son/daughter does not make a team or decides not to tryout this year, encourage them to continue in the House League and consider trying out again in the future.

Q. What Leagues do PRS  Teams play in?
A: Our boys teams currently play in the Young Sportsman Soccer League, which predominately play games on Saturdays.  Our girls teams currently play in the Illinois Women's Soccer League, which predominately play games on Sunday.  There are exceptions to the rule and some teams may play games during the week, Sunday and/or Saturday.

Q: How many teams does PRS field? How many players are offered positions?
A: The number of teams fielded is dependent upon the number of qualified players that attend tryouts as well as the number of players that accept their position and register to play with PRS.
The number of players on a team varies by age group.

Q: How do I find out if my son/daughter made a team?
A: At the conclusion of tryouts, you will be informed of how and when the rosters will be posted. All Rosters will be posted within a week of your tryout date. Posting is made on our website.  

Q. What should I expect at the Tryout?
A: Players will participate in a short warm-ups and then participate in small-sided games.  Our Director of Coaching and our other professional coaches in the club will evaluate players during the duration of each Tryout.

Q. What do the coaches look for at the Tryouts?
A: PRS  looks for a combination of qualities; athletic ability, technical soccer ability and awareness, size and speed, effort, players' coachability, and a positive attitude and desire to learn.

Q. Are there tryouts for Goalkeepers?
A:  Yes.  Goalkeeper tryouts will be conducted for all U11 and older age groups.  These tryouts will take place during the regularly scheduled tryout for each age group and gender.  If you are interested in Goalkeeper tryouts please let our staff know during tryout registration.

Q. Can you tryout as a Goalkeeper and Field Player?
A:  Yes.  You may try out for both positions