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Park Ridge Soccer Parks are monitored by a Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System installed in 1997. The system is designed to warn of conditions conducive to lightning at all parks.

Please read the guidelines listed below and on the Park Ridge Park District's website and become familiar with them:


  • Warning horn will sound (15 second blast) when a potentially dangerous weather situation is approaching.
  • Clear the field immediately & seek proper shelter. (building or non-convertible auto)
  • Wait for all clear (3 short horn blasts)
  • If no all clear sounds after 20 minutes, cancel the contest. If the second half had started, then the score at the time of the cancellation is considered final.
  • System operates 7 days per week from 6am to 11pm
  • Signal horns may not be at your site, but at a site within hearing range. If you hear the alarm, clear the field.
  • If the weather is threatening and no alarm is heard, clear the field.
  • Lead by example. All adults should also clear the field.

Strobe lights have been installed at each park location to show we are under an alert. This should help remove questions on whether or not the horns sounded while you were on the way to the park.

For additional information on the Thorguard Lightning Prediction System, visit their website at

You can monitor Thor Guard's warning system located at four Park District locations right from your computer or smart phone.