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COVID Updates

PRSC Return to Play Protocol

Park Ridge Soccer Club (PRSC) places the health and safety of its players and families above all else. Our Return to Play safety procedures and requirements are based upon the State’s All Sports Guidelines, CDC guidelines and lllinois Youth Soccer Association's safety protocol. We will update our Return to Play Protocol as there are updates from these sources. The knowledge and circumstances around COVID-19 are changing constantly and, as such, PRSC makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the completeness of this information.

To ensure a safe and healthy training environment, players, coaches and parents must strictly follow all safety protocols. Expectations for on-field procedures and requirements are outlined below.

If you have questions, please contact PRSC Safety Coordinator Chris Caudill at or 312.404.4230.


PRSC Player Responsibilities

  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after training
  • For each training session, player must bring the following:
    • Your clean, personal PRSC/Premier SC training pinny. Coaches will not have shared training pinnies.
    • Soccer ball
    • Water bottle
    • Hand sanitizer – use before and after training session
    • Face covering in case needed
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, food, bags
  • Masks are permitted but not required during training
  • Practice social distancing when not involved in on-field activities
  • Place bags six feet apart
  • No high-fives, handshakes, fist bumps or hugs. Verbal congratulations/recognition suggested.
  • Leave the park promptly after practices and scrimmages.

PRSC Coach/Club Responsibilities

  • Ensure the health and safety of the participants
  • Train and educate coaches on protocols and requirements, including state and local regulations, CDC recommendations and other necessary safety information.
  • All training sessions to be held outdoors
  • Upon player arrival, coaches will ask whether player is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Players experiencing symptoms will be sent home.
  • Training pods will remain static throughout season unless public health guidelines change.
  • Training pods will be at least 30 feet apart.
  • Only coach will handle equipment, such as training cones.
  • Coach will wear facial mask whenever they cannot maintain a social distance (6 feet) from players.
  • Maintain attendance log for each practice and scrimmage.
  • Players on sidelines should be spaced out at least 6 feet apart as allowable, or will be required to wear face masks.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Wellness checks must be done by parents/guardians prior to each practice, including checking your child's temperature. Do not allow your child to attend activities if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever, shortness of breath, cough, chills, etc.
  • We insist that any player with symptoms be kept home and follow the guidelines for reporting and return to play in accordance with the All Sports Policy, Restore Illinois Plan that can be found here:
  • Consider not carpooling or very limited carpooling.
  • Follow the state orders for wearing a mask.
  • Stay in the car or remain 30 feet away from players at practices and scrimmages, wear a mask, and maintain a social distance (6 feet) from other spectators who do not reside in your household. At scrimmages, watch from the designated Spectator Areas.
  • Ensure child’s clothing are washed after every training.
  • Ensure all equipment (cleats, ball, shin guards etc.) are sanitized before and after every training.
  • Do not assist your coach with equipment before or after training.
  • Be sure your child has necessary sanitizing products with them at every training.
  • Leave the park promptly after practices and scrimmages.
  • If your child is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms:
    • Keep your child home and notify PRSC Safety Coordinator immediately at or 312.404.4230. Player may be asked to quarantine for up to 14 days.
  • If your child tests positive for COVID-19:
    • Keep your child home and notify PRSC Safety Coordinator immediately at or 312.404.4230. Player must provide a written clearance from a medical doctor before returning to play.
  • If your child has been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19:
    • Keep your child home and Player may be asked to quarantine for up to 14 days.
  • If you have travelled internationally or outside the state
  • If you have concerns about the safety measures in place or feel they are not being followed please notify PRSC Safety Coordinator at or 312.404.4230.

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